Washapp: the app that helps you avoid mistakes

washappWho among us has never had problems with laundry, at least once in a lifetime (or even more often)? We are talking about shirts that have entered the white washing machine drum and come out of candy pink, white or light t-shirts graying from countless washes with dark garments, but also T-shirts that once they are pulled out of the porthole are no longer your size, and who so on and so forth.

It is for people like us, perpetually fighting with washing machines, laundry that is never dry and clothes that are never fully scented with fresh and clean that is born Washapp, the first application entirely dedicated to washing our clothes in the washing machine.

But how does this app for Android work?
Its strength is based on the vast database at its disposal, in which it is possible to select the items of clothing to be washed that we want to insert in the basket.
In his memory there are over 4 thousand potentially cleanable items, such as clothes, linens, shoes, carpets. Just do this, and after a few seconds the app responds.

Washapp is able to tell us at what temperature to wash the laundry, but also which washing program to use and which type of detergent is recommended to use, thanks to the section Advice: anti allergic or detergents for dark or delicate laundry, not only the application will advise us the best one but will suggest the most known and therefore guaranteed brands. The same detergents then, you can always buy them via smartphone from sites like CasaHenkel.it, which allows the retail sale of detergents for washing machines and more.

Moreover, for the most stubborn and demeaning stains, there is even a specific section, 'Smacchia', which allows you to select the origin of the offending stain, for example oil, coffee, wine or grass, suggesting the most suitable treatment to remove it, inserting the quality and shape of the fabric, as well as the color of the stained garment.

There is also a section 'Symbols', which makes it possible to finally shed light on the arcane meaning of all the symbols present on the labels of the various items of clothing regarding their washing.

As if that were not enough, the app also provides advice on when and how to lay out your laundry, consulting the real-time weather service on your own ... clouds and rain on the way could damage your freshly washed laundry!

Out of school students, single for years unable to wear a fragrant and fresh item of clothing, you have no more excuses from now on. To download the application just click here.

Have fun, and above all ...
Good washing!

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