What is a Web Designer and how it develops its idea

The work of the image and content

Il web designer deals with the graphic aspect and the emotional involvement of websites related to consumption and sales. It puts a brake on the problems regarding the communication aspect of its customers and acts upon specific disputes relating to the aspects and contents of the customers that follows.

A good Web Designer is one who succeeds in enhancing the identity of the brand by adapting it perfectly to the web and therefore without exceeding or even reducing its potential. The brand is in fact the way to exploit the strengths of an activity, knowing all about the options offered by technology. Other specific qualities and potentialities of the Web Designer can be found in the following tasks:

  1. Frequent communication and collaboration with one's work group and customers in order to create sites that are attractive for their graphics.
  2. They manage to get a valid one visual impact.
  3. Simplicity is another required requirement, web pages must necessarily be sliding and simple in navigation.
  4. Being able to make Design-Graphics and Communication go hand-in-hand in a way that is also smooth, impactful but without exaggerating unless the subject matter is just as exaggerated, all this through continuous updates to be made and studies that are also ongoing in order to use the best and most advanced technologies for a better performance of the sites themselves.

In addition, its functions include various other tasks that are performed together with a team. But not always, sometimes in fact a Web Designer works only and this involves an increased amount of work.

web designer

Because constant updating is necessary for the Web Designer. The history of websites

If we think back to the history of the Web pages dedicated to services provided or to the sales apparatus, we realize that in just a few years we have moved from the showcase-blog sites where a handful of products were presented and maybe a contact email or a mobile number dedicated to potential customers to well protected places where to make direct purchases with pages and web pages to scroll through and with lots of useful information for the public. The Internet has made progress with giant feet and consequently even those who study and work with web pages must keep themselves constantly updated to always offer the ideal e-commerce solution to the customer.

However, the goal of the Web Designer is to combine the needs of the customer with those of the users and to do this he must:

  1. Know which technology to use to combine all expectations
  2. Discuss with customers constantly
  3. Translating the requests of the latter into a specific language by also calculating the public at the same time
  4. Give proof of knowing how to combine appearance-form and substance
  5. Design and organize the best components for navigation that must - as mentioned - be smooth
  6. First design the graphic components with appropriate programs (eg Photoshop) and then make them usable from and on the site.
  7. Knowing how to use HTML and not only to prepare the layout of the pages.
  8. Choose - at the request of the customer and always translating his thoughts - the entire graphic of the Web pages, through the colors, the layout, the characters to be used, the images, the various components.
  9. As we have already mentioned previously, all the work done so far must absolutely be coherent and smooth, in fact even the attention of the reader and the public must be captured and held.
  10. Finally, an aspect that is rarely taken into consideration, those who create a website after must take care of it and maintain it by making the necessary changes when necessary, updating it and finally taking care of every aspect.


Source: Site development Foggia - Etucisei.it

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