[Weekend Modding] [Xposed Framework] Advanced Power Menu and Multiple Users

After having skipped, due to technical problems, the previous Weekend Modding appointment, we remedy this week with 2 Xposed Framework modules. In this article we will talk about Advanced Power MenuMultiple Users. These modules are more interesting as regards the security than the graphic part: the first one helps us to scrupulously manage the advanced restart menu; the second enables more users independent of them, but manageable by the owner.


Advanced Power Menu

From the name, it may seem like a simple form that adds more items in the restart menu, a useful function for ROM Stock, but already present on most Custom Rom or on modules like GravityBox e XBlast Tools. Obviously it is what it does, indeed it also adds the option to switchare system on Xiaomi devices, but in reality this module can greatly increase the security of our terminal in case it should arrive in the wrong hands.
What guarantees greater security is the possibility to exclude the restart menu, and other keys, from the lockscreen. No one can then restart or shut down the terminal, manage the airplane mode and the data without first having unlocked the phone. You can also turn off the volume keys or even simulate a false phone shutdown. Obviously the status bar will be blocked in turn.


Multiple Users for phone

As already said and as it is easy to guess, Multiple Users is able to manage multiple accounts, a bit like it happens on a PC to be clear. Once the terminal is installed and restarted, we can start managing multiple accounts. We can create two different types: userProfile. The difference between the two is that the first is autonomous, can install applications and manage virtually the entire terminal. The owner's applications will not be present, nor will they be changed. The second one depends on the owner; after creating it, we will determine which of our applications it will be able to access.
The first one can therefore become useful to manage multiple Google accounts on the same device, the second one is useful if we make our terminal use more people and especially children.
Finally, each account can be customized independently, i users will be able to manage i profiles but not vice versa and obviously none of these will change the owner. The account is chosen via lockscreen, everyone can have their own unlocking sequence and it is essential that this is set to the owner so that Multiple Users can be activated.

Multiple-users-menu-inthebit Multiple-users-Management-user-inthebit Multiple-users-limit-profile-inthebit

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