[Weekend Modding] [Xposed Framework] Mod Navbar and bypass lockscreen under WiFi

Modding on Android never ends! This week we discover two new modules, one to expand the functions of the navigation bar, the other to remove the block / pin / password sequence when we are connected to WiFi or Bluetooth.

Xtended NavBar

Xtended NavBar, is the module that enriches our navigation bar. No need to customize, color, transparency or anything else, it simply adds two extra 'pages', reachable by swipe. The two pages can contain multimedia controls (next, previous, pause / play), some quick settings (wifi, data, plane, rotation, etc) or favorite applications (only in the donated version).
Finally it is possible to set a timeout, which, if we find ourselves in a secondary page, after 10 seconds will take us back to the 'page' of the main keys.

Landscape does not work.

Xtended-navbar-sx-inthebit Xtended-navbar-home-inthebit Xtended-navbar-dx-inthebit

No Lock Home

The module No Lock Home is a good module to bypass the Android lockscreen under wifi, bluetooth or cells. Although the form is still in experimental phase, works well overall and offers the right settings to set the lockscreen bypass ad hoc.
We can choose to avoid the various unlock codes on all wifi (or bluetooth) networks or select one or more specific networks via MAC address or name (SSID). In case we wanted to add more networks, just separate them through semicolon (;).
Ex .: rete1; rete2; rete3; ...
The bypass works for all types of release: sequence; pin; password; and even the SGS5 fingerprint reader. Finally we have the option Use Swipe to choose whether, under these networks, you will have to have immediate access to the display or through the classic swipe.


Lockscreen under WiFI network and lockscreen after disconnection.

works well overall

but sometimes - an irrelevant percentage in my case - it happens that when the display wakes up, a graphic bug. But it rarely happens and I remember that the form is being tested.

Graphic bug

Graphic bug

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