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Once another weekend, on InTheBit we return to talk about Modding and in particular still the Xposed Framework modules. A few weeks ago I told you about GravityBox, an essential module for customizing your green robot. This week I want to present you a similar module but with very interesting features.

The module in question is Xblast Tools, and although this has many customizations in common with GravityBox, in reality it has several more features; a real touch of class that will make your terminal unique.

As mentioned, Xblast Tools shares many of the features of GravityBox. We can then customize from the status bar to the lockscreen, from the status bar icons to the notification area and so on. Obviously some options present on GravityBox might be missing, but on the contrary the functions in more are several. Just to give some examples, we have more custom icons available for the battery, the possibility to customize Daydream or to customize the theme with the colors we prefer. In short, I find it more complete and functional if I had to make a comparison with GravityBox.
But the features I love most; that affect more; well .. that make a freak happy, are very different! In fact Xblast Tools, in addition to the usual features, has a system of lockscreen notifications very special and well done, a circular application launcher can be activated via swipe, a retractable application bar, gesture on status bar, gesture anywhere, etc.
Let's see in detail the most interesting ones.


XLockY is what allows us to customize the lockscreen of our terminal ad hoc. We can change the color, size and icon of the lock ring, enable rotation, change background, activate the quick torch but above all activate the notifications system.

Read also: DynamicNotifications: notifications on the Motorola-style lockscreen, without root.

That of the notifications on the lockscreen, is certainly a much discussed topic and there are several applications to have this feature. In my opinion, however, XLockY notifications have a new style compared to "competition". The icon is shown on the right edge of the display and by swipe to the left we can preview the message; a second swipe will hide the notification while on the contrary, it will be reduced to an icon again.
By playing with the settings we can make the display turn on when a new notification arrives, which is activated after having taken the phone out of the pocket (using the sensor), having total control (or more information, depending on type of notification) on notifications via extended tap on them or to prevent the message from being displayed. Finally we can set a different height, change the background color and exclude applications. The only flaw? The notifications we're going to hide aren't hidden by the status bar.

xblast-tools-xlocky-inthebit xblast-tools-xlocky-inthebit-1 xblast-tools-xlocky-inthebit-2 xblast-tools-xlocky-inthebit-3 xblast-tools-xlocky-inthebit-4
xblast-tools-locky-inthebit-10 xblast-tools-locky-inthebit-11 xblast-tools-locky-inthebit-12


Circle App Launcher

A very interesting Xblast function, a retractable launcher that can be activated via swipe in which the applications we have chosen will be shown. Indescribable in words, it is a very useful function.

Gesture Anywhere

Another very interesting feature of this module is this particular function that allows you to set custom gestures associated with applications and more. Through swipe, a panel will appear that will cover the entire display, on which we will draw the letter (symbol, sign ...) assigned previously to start the pre-established app.

Other features

In addition to those just mentioned, in my opinion more interesting, Xblast Tools has other special functions.

  • appBar is a simple application bar that can be activated via swipe, similar to Circle App Launcher but on a vertical bar. The latter is obviously more beautiful to see!
  • Identicons allows you to change contact icons without photos with various style icons: back, contemporary, spirograph, dot matrix. The avatars generated will be different from one another. Useful to give color to the address book
  • Status bar gestures as you can guess from the name, it enables the gestures on the status bar. The possible movements are the two horizontal swipes, double tap and extended tap. To these you can apply actions such as app launch, media player control, or screenshot, home, back, menu, etc.
  • Holo Theme it is useful to change almost all the colors of the original theme.
  • Quiet Hours to set a time period in which the sounds and vibrations will be deactivated -DO NOT DISTURB!-. You can also apply filters for contacts or set different sounds.

Finally it will also be possible to set the number of tiles per line, apply nuances, manage LEDs, customize Toast notifications, bootanimation, etc!

For Xblast Tools to work properly, BusyBox is required. The app has a cost of 1,77 € on the Play Store (donated version) and is free if downloaded from the Xposed Framework. | Download in English

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