[Weekend Modding] [Xposed Framework] Native Clip Board and ScreenOffAnimation

Welcome to this new appointment with Weekend Modding. Today we talk about two other modules to further customize our Android terminal, or Native Clip BoardScreenOffAnimation.


Native Clip Board

This is a very simple but at the same time very useful module. Once installed and activated, it does not need any settings and its function is to save the words or phrases we copy / cut during writing so that we can then find them all together in our notes. By defeault, however, only the last word (or phrase) copied / cut is saved to the clipboard.
To access the notes, just double-tap on a word and immediately click Clip Board at the top right, finally select one of the previously copied words to paste it.

clipboard-Xposed-framework-weekend-inthebit clipboard-Xposed-framework-weekend-inthebit-1



As you can easily deduce from the name of the module, ScreenOffAnimation is able to set an animation for turning off the screen alternative to the standard one and even a different animation for reactivating. The animations are less than a dozen and the possibility of using a random one is included. Furthermore, we will decide the speed with which this will be accomplished.
In my opinion this module is still immature, I deactivated it shortly after installing it because during the reactivation of the display, it was late in turning on or from time to time the background was shown for a few seconds before the lockscreen was shown.

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