[Weekend Modding] [Xposed Framework] StatusbarVolume and ActiviyForceNewTask

Here we are at the third appointment with Weekend Modding, the column of InTheBit of the weekend dedicated to modding Android terminals.
Let's talk about the modules again Xposed Framework and before reviewing them I would like to spend 2 words on it. Yesterday, Xposed Framework was updated to stable 2.6 version. Now we have a new icon for the application and a new user interface with clear theme (and possibility to change it through the settings). The appearance of the modules has also changed, where we now find descriptions, versions and settings divided into tabs, navigable through horizontal swipe. Finally, apart from the graphical interface, the application has been improved a lot and will therefore have higher performance.

That being said, let's move on to this weekend's modules.


StatusbarVolume is an excellent module to move the volume popup in the notification bar so as not to obscure an area of ​​the display when we raise or lower the volume. The settings are not many, but they allow us to set our favorite color; to remove the sound that is played at each step; make calls and notifications volume control independent; set the time in seconds before the popup disappears after display.
This module is a trial version, so you have to buy it after trying it for a few days. However it certainly has a bug that makes it work despite it has expired. I will report it.

statusbarvolume2 statusbarvolume1 statusbarvolume


This module solves a very annoying problem. Sometimes by opening a link that requires the use of a new application, it is opened inside the first, depending on it. In fact in the task manager only one app will be displayed (the first one) and not both. Born mainly for Tapatalk, but works for all applications.
If it does not work automatically, just add the name of the applications in the list Component Filter.

Source: XDA

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