Weloop Tommy: win a smartwatch .. guessing the price (Update price)

Weloop Tommy it's the smartwatch Oriental which from tomorrow will be available in presale on GearBest. So the launch price is not yet known, and in this regard GearBest has started a sort of contest, which consists in leaving a comment below the dedicated post on the facebook page. In the comment you will have to write the price and only a comment will be valid; who will come closer to the pre-order price the smartwatch will win. Unfortunately we learned about it late, and today is the last day to participate.



The smartwatch has a 1,26 "LCD display, accompanied by a 110mAh battery which should guarantee an autonomy of 500 hours in standby. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and pedometer, resistant to water - up to 5 atm - and to shocks, all in just 35g of weight.

The functions are expanded with thededicated application of the same name, available on both Android and iOS. Thanks to this it will be possible to remotely control the camera, the music player, receive notifications directly on smartwatch, find the phone within 10m and monitor your sports activities.

weloop-tommy weloop-tommy-1


In conclusion, it can be a great smartwatch for those who love to do sports and record their physical activities (it is not clear if there is a heart rate counter), but not comparable to smartwatches like Moto360, L and so on. In my opinion it comes closest to MiBand, perhaps with a few more features. That said, I think the price could fluctuate between $ 30 and $ 40 but we will know for sure only tomorrow .. for today, however, we just have to leave a comment on their Facebook page with the price we believe, hoping to win it! 😉

To learn more, you can visit the product page.

UPDATE: Today the smartphone is in presale starting from 64.99 $ - about 50 € - and will increase by 1 $ every 3 days until 27 October, thus reaching as final figure 69.99 $

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