Whatsapp and voice calls

Few days have passed since the purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook for a figure from 16 billions of dollars and we are already thinking about the innovations to be introduced in the most known and used instant messaging application in the world.


We thought about advertising (or so we thought), also because doing two accounts is not easy to reach the sum spent by paying only 0,89 € per year per user to about more than 450 million active users. But the news are very different, in fact we talk about voice calls. This is what was announced by the founder Jan Koum al Mobile World Congress (MWC) that is being held these days in Barcelona in Spain.

The intent is to implement voice calls as in the most common applications, see Skype, but by minimizing the consumption of transferred data, it also promises that there will be no big changes for users, so No advertising will be added! Finally the app will not be integrated with Facebook.

The integration of voice calls, on the other hand, should take place by next summer, and the first operating systems in the viewfinder are Android e iOS, later also Blackberry and Windows Phone.

What do you think? Did you wait for a feature like this or have you already changed apps to chat with your friends?

Or have you ever used it?

Let us know yours!

Source: La Stampa

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