WhatsApp on the PC through 'mirroring' (root) (Linux, Windows, MAC)

WhatsApp is still one of the apps instant messaging most used (with around 500 millions of active users) despite - in my opinion - there are better services, which, being connected to an email account, give the possibility to use these chats on multiple devices and on different platforms.
Obviously an app has something more - or less - compared to the other and you want for seniority, either because it's not easy to make all your friends change service, WhatsApp remains the most used one.

But let's not make statistics and count who uses it and who doesn't, but instead we talk about something more interesting, something that will appeal to many Whatsappiani, Whatsappatori, Whatsapper or what they are called.
We are talking about WhatsAir, a new application, perhaps little known at the moment, that allows to mirror WhatsApp on the PC (with any operating system).
What is needed?

  • Device with ROOT
  • Device and PC connected to the same WiFi network
  • Any browser
  • Whatsair
  • Kenntnisse der deutschen Sprache learn German

Unfortunately the application is mostly in German, but it is not complicated to use. At startup, after granting ROOT permissions, we find the screen (in English) with an address that we will enter in our browser and a password to authenticate. In a few seconds we will find all our WhatsApp conversations on the monitor of our PC.


We can change the background using the settings (in English) using one of those available or an image of our gallery.

As for the function, at the moment it is not great, as the notifications of new messages arrive a few seconds later and sometimes as we write it seems that the message is forwarded: the text disappears from the area where we write and we find it as forwarded , but it doesn't really happen; just check on WhatsApp. However, it remains a bit annoying bug, but it is also the only real app with this function.

Overall though, it is a good application that can only improve, and it is also free 😉

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