Back Wind All Inclusive Gold: 400 SMS, 400 minutes and 2 GB to 6 €. TIM customers only

The offer All Inclusive Gold di wind was proposed for the first time last summer to give other operators' customers the opportunity to switch to Wind with 400 minutes, 400 SMS and well 5 GB of Internet in 4G a 6 Euros every 4 weeks.

wind all inclusive gold jiga free

But, after crashing the Wind site due to the huge demand, only the luckiest ones managed to get the coupon to make the switch. The promotion, however, was re-proposed a few months ago and returns again available now, but exclusively for TIM customers and for a short period of time. It can be activated by 21 November.

To activate the offer, simply go to a Wind store and request the passage of your TIM SIM. The good news is that you can add for free to 10 GB to your promotion thanks to the offer Invite a friend. And further 3 GB via the new Wind app.

Just a friend of yours invites you through the appropriate section of the MyWind app to get the first ones 2 GB free internet. Then, with the same method, you can convince and invite your friends to switch to Wind. By doing so you can accumulate others 8 GB free 2 GB per friend for up to 4 friends.

Finally, by downloading Wind's new app, Veon, you will have a gift 1 GB to use as you prefer more 100 MB per day, for a total of 3 GB monthly. In total, therefore, you could get 15 GB per month (+ 1 with Veon) with suns 6 Euros per month! 😉

If you are interested in the passage, but you don't know anyone who can invite you, leave a comment and I will invite you myself. I also invite you not to leave your telephone numbers directly.

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