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Do you want to learn, improve or simply brush up on your English? Thanks to Wlingua you will be able to achieve your linguistic goals by saying goodbye to books, cd and dvd dictionaries which are regularly put on the shelf a short time after they have been purchased.

The importance of English is now indisputable, the official language of 53 countries, spoken by more than 1,8 billions of people around the world, but nevertheless, many people give up learning to do so for various reasons:

"I've already tried many times without results."

"It's been too long since I opened a book, let alone study a language."

"I have no time, I work all day and I have more important things to think about."

I could continue to list the most popular excuses for "escaping" English, but I prefer to show you that technology has to offer you new ways of learning, able to adapt to your needs, your schedules and your skills.

wlingua- english course

Wlingua offers a complete interactive and multi-platform English course: therefore accessible from smartphone (Android - IOS), tablet e PC (any operating system) making available various tools that will allow you to learn English with short exercises, to be repeated constantly, which include:

  • Grammar
  • Reading
  • Dictionary
  • Pronunciation exercises

wlingua exercises

Wlingua: learning words

wlingua test level

Wlingua: level test

Wlingua provides 4 different learning levels: A1, A2, B1 and B2 ordered from the simplest to the most complex. At the first access, you will have to perform a test to determine what your level of English is in order to take advantage of lessons and exercises in line with your real skills, it is a fairly long and demanding test if you are a beginner, dedicate a lot of time to it. be careful and do not be afraid to make mistakes, understanding which level of Wlingua is best suited to your needs will avoid unnecessary loss of time with exercises that are too simple or too difficult.
Find out how to get 2 months of Wlingua completely free! you can find all the information at the end of this article.

How is a lesson structured?

  1. The typical exercise begins with an interactive lesson on words, in which the English word associated with an image and its translation in Italian will be shown, in the next step you will have to correctly associate the Italian word with the English word.
  2. Then we move on to understanding of pronunciation, in which you will have to listen to the same words as the previous point associating them with their Italian translation.
  3. The third test is one grammar lesson on a specific topic (prepositions, irregular verbs, etc. etc.) presented with short grammatical rules and many examples showing typical phrases that contextualize the rules to be learned.
  4. We now move on to reading a text followed by some questions true, false to assess the degree of reading comprehension.
  5. The penultimate step takes up i words seen in the first 2 points and le grammar rules of the 3 point: you will have to correctly order words to form meaningful sentences respecting the right grammatical structure.
  6. in the last test you will have to choose which word is correct based on the sentence, very useful to understand some subtleties in the use of words and grammatical rules object of the lesson.

At the end of the exercise you will get a vote from 1 to 10, you can also choose to download the lesson in .pdf format and there is also the spaced repetition of the lessons to avoid forgetting and fixing in the memory the new concepts learned, the review is automatically scheduled by Wlingua based on your results.

The course is really complete and well done, it has nothing to envy to paper courses in English or the many video lessons sold online, there is also a blog with lots of tips and suggestions regarding the completely free English language, if you are looking to improve your English, Wlingua is definitely worth trying!

What is the cost of Wlingua?

Wlingua provides 2 account types: one basic, free, which offers limited access to certain parts of the course (grammar, exercises and readings) and the account premium without any limitation with full access to all course content.
At the first registration Wlingua will give you 1 a month of premium accounts for free without any automatic renewal and without the need to insert credit cards, which will automatically turn into a basic account at the end of the 30 days.
These are the premium account renewal prices:
Wlingua premium account

Wlingua: Premium account prices

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Contest: Win free Xlingm month of Wlingua

How to access the Wlingua course

  • To access the Wlingua PC course, simply connect to the site: http://curso.wlingua.com and login.
  • From Android, download the app from the PlayStore to this one link
  • From IOS, download the app to this link

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