WSM Tools: Xposed Modules for MIUI ROM

WSM Tools - What surprised MITU is an application that allows you to install modules Xposed on MIUI roms. Without this application (created by Burgerz, member of XDA) it was not possible to use Xposed Framework (created Rovo89, XDA) on this Roma. For the uninitiated, these modules allow you to make important changes to the firmware (therefore necessary the ROOT) of the ROM, such as reboot with additional options, change audio tracks from the barbell and more that we will see later. 

The application has been tested only on MIUI V5 and it's not on the Play Store, but you can download it from here.



Copy the apk to a phone folder and install it as a normal application using a file explorer. Finally start the application, plug it SettingsManage WSM to then press install and at the end reboot. This procedure must be performed for each update.


When the application starts we immediately see the modules we have installed (empty at first startup), and with a swipe from right to left we see instead those available for download. 
The installation of these is very simple. Just select the one that interests us and press Download, at the end install it as a normal application. It will appear on the main screen, deactivated by default. Let's activate it and a pupup will warn us that it will start working only from the next reboot. We restart directly from the application. We just have to test it.

CAUTION!! In the settings you will find an option to activate Xposed module repositories. Activating it you can see between the available modules both WSM and Xposed modules, the first ones marked with the "Mi" symbol. DO NOT INSTALL THE XPOSED MODULES, they may work as well as they might DAMAGE your device.

NOTE: Modules to version 1.XX are not compatible with version 2.XX You must therefore first remove the old version of the module when updating the module.


After installation you should automatically create a file called "" in the ROOT folder of the device. To uninstall WSM, you need to flash this recovery file. This I TESTED IT PERSONALLY.


Some modules

Some of the modules I've tried.

Extra Battery Info adds information to the battery, such as temperature, voltage, how long it has been running, etc.


Reboot Options adds options to the reboot. Hot reboot for quick start, Recovery, Bootloader and Reboot to System 2 (Xiaomi only) to change partitions. Useful if you have two different roms!


Volupe Skip Track it allows you to change audio tracks when the display is off, it seems to work with all players.

Other modules 

Auto Orientation should enable landscape orientation in the selected applications.

Center Clock to change the clock layout in the status bar.

Hide Icons Text to hide the name of the icons in the launchers

Play Store Fixes use a false density for the play store so you can see all the apps.

Units allows us to change some units of measurement (download speed for example)

Volume Control Mute to remove the sound when we raise / lower the volume with the keys.

Today I found another very interesting one, MI-Tools, which should replace many of the available modules. In fact it warns to remove some modules (if installed) such as Center Clock, Hide Icons Text and others.


Source | XDA

API link for module development | Link

Link official website and download | Download

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