WSM Tools: Mi-Tools module

In a article written in early November, I had talked about WSM Tools and some modules to activate special functions on ROM MIUI. WSM Tolls, remember, is the application corresponding to Xposed Installer, but created specifically for MIUI.

Already writing the first article, besides all the modules I have tried and described, I had mentioned a new and particular module: I-Tools. This, in other words, does nothing but bring together all the functions of the others in a single form. From that moment I followed the updates of the application and the various modules, and apparently Mi-Tools is the only one that is updated, along with the application itself.



To install the WSM Tools application (if you have not already done so), follow the instructions in the first article (link at the beginning of the article) and after the reboot look for the Mi-Tools module. You can also remove all the others, in fact it is advised to do so and remember to restart whenever you change the configurations of the module to apply the changes and make them visible. At the end of the installation you will find the icon in the home or app drawer like a normal app.




Let's see how this module works and what it allows us to do. Starting the application we find 7 sections:

  • Each section, as the name suggests, serves for certain areas of the interface. Let's analyze them one by one
  • Status Bar
  • Launcher
  • Applications
  • Sound
  • Buttons
  • About module

Please note: these may vary with updates, if you find any differences please report them. I will try however to keep the article updated. The current version is 1.4


In this section you can enable general functions regarding battery, reboot options and other customizations that I will list in order.


  • Add T9 enable search in contacts using the T9
  • Local YellowPage databe blocks updates from Chinese servers, but we should not have this feature by default.
  • Localized measure units to choose the unit of measurement to display: k / s, m / sGBMB, etc.


  • Advanced reboot menu to apply more options instead of just rebooting
  • Reboot options the reboot options: Normal, Hot Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader, Switch system (Xiaomi only)


  • Show navigation bar to show the button bar as on the Nexus
  • Navigation bar height to set the height of the bar
  • Navigation bar color to set the color
  • Enable all rotation angles to enable rotation in all angles, even vertical with upside down device
  • Enable lockscreen rotation enables landscape rotation of the lockscreen
  • Device properties allows you to change the data of your phone: name, model, brand, etc.


  • Extra battery info to get more information on the battery: health, temperature
  • Disable scrolling cache should remove the cache in the scroll. As far as I know, it can reduce the memory usage used, but the display during scrolling (in general) will not be nice to see.


Status Bar


  • Use backgroud color allows changing the status bar color
  • Background color to choose the color of the status bar (also transparent)


  • Hide clock hides the watch
  • Clock color change the color of the watch
  • Clock position change the clock position: Right, Center, Center (iOS 7), Left
  • AM PM Style 
  • Show status bar date shows the date next to the clock


  • Hide battery icon hides the battery
  • Show battery text shows the percentage
  • Battery text color to change the color


  • Hide carrier logo hides the operator's logo
  • Custom carrier label free text instead of logo (the first must be deactivated)
  • Carrier label color change color to the text of the logo
  • Carrier logo change the logo with an image
  • Select logo image to replace the logo
  • Signal bars color
  • Hide roaming icon hides the roaming icon


  • Hide input method switcher hides the icon to change the keyboard, which is activated when we write
  • Hide headset notification icon hides the earphone icon


They work only with MIUI launcher

  • Hide icons labels hides application names, shown below the icons
  • Hide hotseats labels I have not tried this function and I don't know what it is exactly
  • Hide folders labels hides the folder name
  • Folder colums arranges icons in folders in multiple columns: 3 (default) and 4
  • Font size text size




  • Allow Long SMS disables conversion to MMS by reaching when long text messages are written
  • Strip unicode converts characters from unicode to normal (does not work on some devices)
  • Festival update server the server from which to receive updates


  • Holidays update server server from which to update holidays in the calendar
  • Holidays county the nation (all foreign, Russia, Ukraine, etc)


  • Search MarketPlace the market for searches: Play Store or Xiaomi Market


  • Pages autofit adds "mobile view" to the browser, in the general settings


  • Launch playback screen it is not clear what he does. Activation has not changed anything
  • Do not download album art does not download the covers


  • Reverse tabs order change the tabs in the themes in the order: Local, Categories, Popular, Featured
  • Replace Lunar dates try to change the lunar date with the Gregorian date in the lockscreen


  • Disable updates check disable search for updates for apps
  • Reverse tab order change the order as in the themes: Local, Categories, Popular, Featured


  • Disable updates check disables the search for updates
  • Changelog in English show the changelog in English


  • Cloud upload delay allows you to change the frequency with which photos are uploaded to MiCloud



  • Disable BEEP sound disables the sound that is emitted when the volume is increased or decreased by the barbell


Here you can choose how much to increase or decrease the volume. Let me explain: let's take for example the volume "Media" when we listen to the music, increasing / decreasing the volume we can choose up to 15 different volumes. That is, from the minimum volume to the maximum one you should press the volume + key up to 15 times. If we take calls instead, this will be limited to 7. From here it is possible to choose how to divide this, with a choice that goes from 5 to 30. You can do this for: audio calls, system volume, ringtone, music, alarm, notifications, bluetooth.



  • Double tap MENU button action to set what to do by pressing the menu button twice: Default, launch the previous app, lock screen, torch, launch personal app
  • Long press MENU action button what to do with the long press of the menu button. Same options as before
  • Double MENU button click choose the personal app if this item is active in the first option


  • Volume keys cursor control it is used to scroll the text with the volume keys
  • Reverse keys reverses the keys
  • Volume keys skip tracks changes track during music playback. Only works when the screen is off
  • Reverse keys reverses the keys

The merits of this app and all the modules go to BurgerZ, a member of XDA

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