Xiaomi announces partnership with Light

Xiaomi in recent years, it has always been very active in trying to improve the quality of its cameras more and more. At the beginning we were used to seeing devices do a lot of effort in the world of smartphone photography but, today, the company even seems to have overcome the competition. Today, furthermore, another interesting news arrives that would see the Chinese company having closed a partner agreement with the Light, company that helped Nokia to develop the first device with 5 cameras.


Xiaomi and Light: In the pipeline a device with 5 cameras?

Il My 9 it is certainly a product on which the company has really staked everything, going to achieve excellent quality in all fields. The same device has reached the head of the ranking of DxOMark for the quality of the images taken, but this has not stopped the Xiaomi which, today, has closed an agreement with the Light. The company in question deals with a technology that allows you to acquire multiple images with multiple sensors and then, through a special algorithm, to process all the images acquired in a single image, improving details and colors. A technology that has been implemented by Nokia giving life to the first device with 5 cameras presented during the MWC di Barcelona. From today, however, there will also be the company of Lei Jun to be able to implement this new shutter technology that could also lead to the announcement of a new device by the Chinese company.

Nokia 9 Pureview

The Nokia 9 Pureview with 5 cameras, presented at the MWC by Nokia and Light.

For now, both companies have only announced the agreement without leaking anything. It is obvious, however, that an answer from Xiaomi to the new one Nokia 9 Pureview, after this type of agreement, it is something quite obvious. So for confirmation, we just have to wait for the next few weeks and see how the situation develops.


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