Xiaomi Black Shark 2 available in Europe starting from 549 €

The sub-brand gaming of Xiaomi, Black Shark, Only a few days ago presented in China the second version of its own line of gaming smartphones: Lo Xiaomi Black Shark 2. Obviously at the beginning the sales of the device were only open for the Chinese territory. Today, finally, Black Shark has announced that the device is available for purchase also from our continent.

Black Shark 2 available already today. Basic version at 549 €, version with 12 GB of Ram at 649 €.

The gaming company, therefore, has decided to open the sales of the device even for European buyers. Starting today, it is possible to buy the device from Official site. The new Black Shark 2 is preparing to become a serious alternative for European gamers who, from today, will be able to opt for a further gaming platform like the one offered by mobile. The same vice president of the division Global di Black Shark announced how the device will be an "unparalleled experience" for European gamers.

xiaomi black shark 2

Technical features and prices

Lo Xiaomi Black Shark 2, therefore, it arrives on the European market proposing a hardware structure designed and designed precisely to allow prolonged use and aimed at gaming. To turn everything there will be the most powerful Snapdragon 855 together with a liquid cooling system, the Liquid Cool 3.0. For a great gaming experience, the company decided to equip the device with a display AMOLED da 6.39 inches with resolution 1080 x 2340. The battery will allow long gaming sessions by offering 4000 mAh it's a fast charging from 27W. Finally, there are some features designed to make the user's gaming experience even more unique, for example a new type of intelligent touch will be present, the Master Touch, with a latency among the lowest in circulation, only 43.5 ms. Finally we have the memory compartment that presents two versions: The first with 8 GB of RAM e 128 GB of internal memory which has an official price of 549 € and a second version with 12 GB of RAM e 256 GB of memory at the price of 649€.

In short, the European gaming world has today a new device to deal with. The Xiaomi Black Shark 2 it certainly stands as an excellent solution for those who always like to have a gaming device with them that is able to run the latest titles without any problem.

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