Xiaomi Black Shark 2: first hands-on photo of the back

Xiaomi has always been active in many fields, one of these is that of gaming smartphones, typical devices developed to support hours and hours of gaming on the smartphone. Last year, in fact, the Chinese company presented its first Xiaomi Black Shark which promised an unprecedented gaming experience on smartphones. After the excellent success of the first version it seems that the two companies are ready to release the second version: Xiaomi Black Shark 2. Just about this new device today we get interesting news.

Xiaomi Black Shark 2019

Xiaomi Black Shark 2: A hands-on photo reveals the back cover

The photo in question appeared this morning on Twitter and sees the main subject precisely as the Black Shark 2 which should be launched in the coming months. The photo shows us the device only in its back going to detect a back cover that seems to resume, in a certain way, the drawings of the first version. Obviously the "S", Company logo Black Shark. The presence of a dual camera for the new one is also confirmed Xiaomi Black Shark 2 which will be positioned in the upper left corner, in line with all the devices of the company.

xiaomi black shark 2

The first rumors about the hardware

With the increasingly imminent arrival of the second version of the gaming smartphone produced by Xiaomi even the first rumors about the phone hardware have come out. We start talking about the processor, which should be the powerful one Snapdragon 855 and RAM that will be of 8 GB. Some are starting to talk about the possibility of seeing the fast recharge on this device from 27W already seen on the new My 9, a rumor that would also be confirmed by a 3C certification which would see the device sent with the same charger as the MI 9. On the design run some voices that would see the smartphone to have an ever smaller chin, we talk about suns 5 mm.

The 3C certification for the Black Shark 2

Obviously the next few weeks will tell us more about what the new will be like Xiaomi Black Shark 2. The output, according to some, will take place between spring and next summer.


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