Xiaomi Black Shark 2 will release the 18 March with 12 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 855

Xiaomi Black Shark is preparing to reveal the second generation of gaming devices, the Xiaomi Black Shark 2. After a lot of rumors have come out on the smartphone in the last few weeks we finally have official news directly from the company. In fact, we finally have a launch date but also some interesting advances on the phone hardware.

Black Shark 2 will be presented on 18 March: RAM from 12 GB, Snapdragon 855 and a better battery

Only a few weeks ago, we talked about how the company had confirmed as the new one Black Shark would have supported a new liquid cooling system: Il Liquid Cool 3.0. Today, however, the CEO of the gaming company, Peter WU, posted a really interesting poster that gives us more information about it Xiaomi Black Shark 2.

xiaomi black shark 2

The poster in question, as well as confirming the date of presentation of the device that will be next 18 March, gives us two more information regarding the device hardware. Indeed, by observing the image well we can see the presence of the powerful Snapdragon 855 and well 12 GB of RAM. Specifications that we can now consider official. In addition to these two specifications, the same CEO . Black Shark, announced that the new device will present a battery designed for e-sports that will improve of 60% the performance of its predecessor. In short, even now we have a device that seems to aim to have performance never reached before.

Finally, an interesting video trailer of the device also popped up online. In the video we can see, in some parts, the design of the device. Confirmed, it seems, the presence of a very small "chin" and therefore of a display that is increasingly protagonist of the front of the smartphone.

By now it really lacks little before knowing the new Xiaomi Black Shark 2. The 18 March, in fact, the official presentation of the smartphone is set, designed for those who cannot do without having a device capable of dealing with long gaming sessions. We advise you to stay connected on our blog, because the next few days will certainly be full of advances.


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