Xiaomi CC is the new series of smartphones in collaboration with Meitu

As we had anticipated yesterday, this morning there was a joint announcement of Xiaomi e Meitu. The two Chinese companies have been in close contact and in collaboration for a few months and, according to the first rumors, they had to delight us with the first smartphones of the collaboration. Unfortunately, however, today the two companies have only officially presented the name of the series of smartphones that they will produce: Xiaomi CC. No new devices, therefore, but the name of the series confirms us that the first two devices of the series will be CC9 and CC9e.

Xiaomi CC is the new series of smartphones in collaboration with Meitu. CC9 and CC9e coming?

Xiaomi is a company famous for the production of devices with incredible hardware at really affordable prices. Meitu, instead, it is a company known for its dedication to improving its users' selfies. So the collaboration between the two companies, formalized no more than a year ago, could not but give the first result a series of smartphones "selfie-focused"Sold at a price, we hope, in line with the prices of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi CC announced

The announcement was made by both companies that showed the official logo of the series Xiaomi CC: two intertwined "Cs". The announcement of the name of the new brand, however, was also accompanied by some early advances. First of all it is official that the first two smartphones of the series will be two and not one, in line with the latest rumors on the CC9 e CC9e. Other clues, instead, take us back to the last announcement of the two companies that they showed us a device with one triple flip camera in aquascape Asus Zenfone 6. Unfortunately this type of prototype does not seem to be the next series of devices of the collaboration that will be announced.

It seems, in fact, that at this point the first device to be announced could be it Xiaomi M1904F3BC that a few days ago received the TEENA certification. This device, according to rumors, would be nothing but it Xiaomi CC9. If confirmed, the first device of Xiaomi and Meitu will consist of one selfie camera from 32 Megapixel, a AMOLED screen with in-display fingerprint sensor, a triple rear camera from 48 Megapixel and probably one Snapdragon 730. A really interesting device!

We just have to wait for new official news from the front Xiaomi and Meitu. Obviously we hope that the fruits of the collaboration will be able to overcome the Chinese borders to reach us too, but, for now, it does not seem quite simple.


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