Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition: 8GB of RAM, 256 GB of Memory and much more

In the last hours, Xiaomi has launched the rumor that during the next event set for the July 2 only two versions of the series will be presented Xiaomi CC, but three. Together with the 2 I CC9 e I CC9e, on the stage of Beijing, it should also be presented Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition, a version completely dedicated to the small Chinese photo company.

Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom Edition: 8GB of RAM, 256 GB of Memory and selfie mode in the dark

Last November, Xiaomi and Meitu, have signed an agreement that, next week, will bear its first fruits. The idea of ​​the collaboration was to join forces to produce a device with a style hardware Xiaomi and a camera software developed with the algorithms of Meitu. An idea that seems to become the next reality July 2. To seal the agreement, moreover, the two companies have decided to produce a third version, compared to the two already announced, completely dedicated to the Meitu.

The custom edition of Meitu, until a few days ago, it was completely unexpected. The announcement was made by the CEO di Xiaomi, Lei Jun, which also anticipated some interesting technical specifications and design. Lei Junin fact, he anticipated that the special version dedicated to the small Chinese photographic company will come in a color that is still mysterious and unpublished. So in addition to the already announced white and blue colors, there will also be a third special coloring.

The anticipations, however, do not end there. Always the CEO di Xiaomi, he also anticipated some specific hardware of the new device that will have a memory configuration with 8 GB of RAM and well 256 GB of whole memory. A great configuration for a device that, at this point, could be the real “premium” smartphone in the series.

The "selfie in the dark" mode

The great news, however, concerns above all the software development of this variant. Already it has been announced in recent days as all the devices of the series will have a camera software completely developed by Meitu and, therefore, an image quality never seen before on the devices Xiaomian, plus lots of new filters.

Lei Jun, however, he wanted to anticipate also that the new one Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custuom Edition will have additional fully dedicated camera features. One of these was also immediately presented with an explanatory image and allows the device to take selfies even in situations of complete darkness. Xiaomi CC9 Meitu Custom edition selfie in the dark

In short, at this point it becomes extremely interesting to understand and also know this third device of the series. If confirmed, he could be the real “premium” smartphone in the series with top-of-the-line hardware configuration and really interesting camera features!

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