Xiaomi looks for beta testers for Android Q on Xiaomi Mi 9

Android Q is the new operating system developed by Google arrived at its 17 edition now. The new version has already been released, in beta for the tests, for some months on the proprietary devices of the US company. Finally, though, too Xiaomi has announced that from today, and for the next few weeks, a beta version will be released also for some users in possession of the Xiaomi Mi 9.

Xiaomi Mi 9: The company is looking for beta testers for Android Q

Let's start saying goodbye Android Pie, therefore, that will gradually leave space to the much more new and highly anticipated Android Q which is ready to revolutionize the world of smartphones. A revolution that was born from the name that, for the first time, leaves its canonical name inspired by food to give space to a name certainly much more elegant and simple. The new version is already available, in beta version, on devices pixel e Nexus. The next to receive the opportunity to try the new OS It will be there Xiaomi which will follow the following roadmap:

Xiaomi Mi 9 Android Q

Will be it Xiaomi Mi 9, therefore, the first device of the Chinese company that will receive the official update ad Android Q by the end of this year. Followed then by Redmi K20, K20 PRO, Xiaomi MI 8 in all its versions and the Mi 9 SE. The My 9Moreover, it was also chosen as the first device that will have the good fortune to support the beta version of the operating system that can be installed by anyone who has the curiosity to try it.

The beta version of Android Qhowever, only a test version should be considered and not a version to be used every day. In the first uses, in fact, some fairly important bugs were found that inevitably compromise the daily use of the device. The installation, therefore, is recommended for expert users who use the device, in an updated version, not in a daily and definitive way.

Certainly the beta version will appeal to many curious users who can't wait to try all the new features of Android Q. However, we advise you to wait a few more months to enjoy yours Xiaomi Mi 9 with Android Q in stable and definitive version.

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