Xiaomi is ready to launch a new smartphone with Snapdragon 730

Just a few days ago Redmi India announced two new devices: the Redmi Y3 and redmi 7. Today, always the Indian division of Xiaomi revealed that a much more powerful smartphone is ready and will be launched in the Indian market in the coming weeks. The interesting part is that the device should support a brand new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 or 730G.

New Xiaomi with Snapdragon 730 will soon be presented in India

With a tweet, posted this morning, the Main director of the Indian division of the company shared a photo in which he is portrayed together with some members of the division Qualcomm. In the tweet we talk about the long and successful collaboration between the two companies. In addition, however, we also find a clear reference to a new device that will be destined for the Indian market.

After reading the first part of the tweet, where the participants of the photo are described, the same Main director launches a news: "A new device Xiaomi with the latest model of Snapdragon 7__(announced just two weeks ago) is ready and will be launched in India very early".

In short, the bomb was launched. The processor model that will support the smartphone, according to the tweet, is a brand new processor presented only two weeks ago. This narrows the field down to just two processors: Lo Snapdragon 730 e 730G. At this point, we think it may be the 730, also because we talked about it a few days ago a new smartphone with just the same processor of which the first specifications had been found. However, the smartphone was expected to come out below redmi, but being the two companies separated only "virtually" you could also have a device presented below Xiaomi in India and then, always the same device, presented globally below Redmi.

Obviously the tweet does hope, however, as a brand new device has been almost announced Xiaomi, never seen before, as it will present a new processor. Obviously the exclusive in India, for now, it doesn't cut us off completely. We hope, in fact, that the company is already thinking about how to get the device to us officially.

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