Xiaomi is ready to work on a device with a pop-up camera

The world of smartphones is a world that runs a lot. The design, above all, in this technological field is constantly updated and every year it undergoes substantial changes on our devices that are increasingly giving space to a display that covers the entire front. If with the notch seemed to have reached the maximum expression of a device "All-screen" today we report the news that you would see Xiaomi ready to work on a new device with front camera pop-up (pop-up)


Xiaomi ready to work on a device with pop-up camera

The news arrived to us in the last hours and to make it run were statements by the company's production manager, Wang Teng Thomas, who spoke of this type of design that has been adopted by some competitors in the sector, such as Vivo with its NEX. In particular, it emerges from his statements as the Xiaomi he is waiting before starting to start the development of such a concept, in fact this type of pop-up camera is not yet a trend of the moment, and until it will be, it seems that the company does not want to speed up the time. It is also important to stress that the company already with the MI MIX 3 he released a device with a hidden camera and that can be revealed through the phone slider. A mechanism very different from the pop-up camera seen recently on some smartphones, but the concept we can say is the same: to hide the camera and reveal it only when we need it. An idea that would also allow us to always be sure that no one spies on us from the camera on our phone.

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So the idea of Xiaomi is to wait and see how the situation develops with regard to this type of design. Surely we expect a good response and a competitive product in the event that, in the coming years, this type of concept can become a trend in the field of smartphones.


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