Xiaomi has patented a "perforated" screen design

As you well know the technology is in continuous development, and with it also the design. If a trend in recent years has been the arrival of notch, brought by Apple, and then presented on almost all the new flagship devices of every company, today we talk about a new design that Xiaomi seems to have just patented. It seems, in fact, that the Chinese company has just patented a design for an imaginary smartphone that presents a "hole" on the display.

Xiaomi: The "Hole" on the display instead of the Notch?

But let's go with grade, the new type of design with perforated display is absolutely not a novelty launched by Xiaomi, in fact always in the last period other big companies (Samsung e Huawei) have designed a similar design. The design in question includes two small holes made on the display, probably one will house the room and the second hole will house a notification led or even a second chamber? However this type of design will give even more space to the display than the design with the notch already gave and to know that the company of Lei Jun it beats blow to blow to the big companies of the sector can only make the many users happy.

The news was leaked from a German site on the same day, which posted the photo of the new design, and therefore we have no further news but, above all, we have no reference to new devices that will mount this type of "perforated display". We can only imagine that it will be a design that will give a much more technological, futuristic and valuable touch to the device, and therefore it will be mounted on a smartphone that will most likely point to the upper end of the market.

Therefore the excellent work of Xiaomi that with the approach of the second quarter it is ready to release the best devices to do as much competition as possible to the major manufacturers in the sector. We remind you that the February 15 the sub company, Redmi, should announce a new mysterious smartphone under the pseudonym of Redmi X. And if that were the innovative design of this Redmi X? We just have to wait and find out!


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