Xiaomi iReader T6: 6 inches, 20 brightness levels and 8GB memory

Today, 13 Maggio, was a long-awaited day for fans of Xiaomi e Redmi. Indeed, according to some rumors today had to be the day of the announcement of the flagship of Redmi but unfortunately it did not happen. Fortunately for us, the company of Lei Jun he has however decided not to let himself go without words and, in fact, the first e-book of the company was officially announced: Lo Xiaomi iReader T6.

Xiaomi iReader T6: screen from 6 inches and 20 brightness levels

In reality the announcement of a possible first e-book of the company, similar to the much more fortunate one Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, was already in the area for a few months. Today, finally, Xiaomi has decided to launch its first e-book. A type of device that promises to give a perfect reading experience by trying, with some interesting features, to adapt to the tastes of each reader.

xiaomi iReader T6

Let's start, of course, from the hardware specifications. The company's new ebook reader comes with a large screen 6 inches and resolution 1448 1072 pixels x with a density of 300 ppi. In the panel a brightness system has been developed that will allow you to choose between 20 different levels, in order to satisfy the eye of any reader. To run it all there will be a processor imx6 while the memory will be from 8GB.

Battery, price and other features

One of the strengths of the new Xiaomi iReader T6 will definitely be the battery. The company has announced, in fact, that the device will have a battery well 1500 mAh which promises to give the device an autonomy of almost a week of discreet use. For the rest, some features of the device have been announced that provide complete support to almost all ebook extensions (EBK, TXT, UMD, EPUD, PDF, MOBI) but it is not excluded that additional formats will be added with the passage of time .

There will also be a digital market completely dedicated to the device where thousands of books, newspapers and comics can be found to satisfy all tastes of readers. Unfortunately this functionality, for now, for us Europeans is quite useless as all books should be in Chinese.

The new Xiaomi iReader T6 is already available in China at the price of 958 yuan, about 124 € at current exchange rate. Now it is really difficult to predict if the device can arrive even in European versions, as it is a new product of the company. Certainly a good success in the mother country could lead the Chinese company to also start a production in our country.


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