Xiaomi Mi 8, the whole series will receive 9 functionality from the MI 9

By now Xiaomi MI 9 has become one of the most discussed devices, its great power and its high quality camera have blown the company's device to the top of many rankings. The same company has announced further updates, but not for the My 9, but for his predecessor: lo Xiaomi Mi 8. In particular the company talks about 9 new features that will be implemented in the coming days on the entire Mi 8 series.

Mi 8 series will receive Xiaomi Mi 9 functions

Mi 8 Series: 9 coming new features from the new Mi 9

The news that saw the company was already in the air Lei Jun ready to update the We 8 Pro with some features presented on My 9. Today comes the confirmation that these updates will be extended to the whole family of Xiaomi Mi 8. Let's go, therefore, to discover the functions that will be implemented:

  • The Game Turbo Mode
  • The Mi Turbo Mode
  • The Dark Mode
  • New recharge animation
  • New screen
  • Mi 9 Power Optimization Scheme
  • 1 Free Bus Year (Only for the China)
  • On-screen fingerprint quick selection features
  • New wallpaper

Moreover, the company's general manager lasted a long time last night Q&A regarding the arrival of these new features, and noted that they are in full development showing a "roadmap" that the company will respect. A table that also revealed how the features will be extended to the versions SE, Explorer Edition, Lite and standards of MI 8.

Xiaomi mi 8

The same Chinese company then announced that the aforementioned updates will probably be released by the end of this month and the beginning of April. For the Mi 8 Lite instead, we will have to wait for half of April.


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