Xiaomi MI 9: The first camera samples arrive

We continue to constantly receive further news regarding the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi 9. After yesterday we met the launch date in China, the first real photos of the device and more information regarding the hardware, today we talk about the camera. In fact we already have the opportunity, through some samples posted on the social Weibo, to admire the quality and definition of the three sensors used by the device for the rear camera.

camera xiaomi mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9: Three samples to admire the power of the triple camera

To delight us with these three interesting shots was the director of Xiaomi, Chuan Wang, that on its profile Weibo he wanted to show us three shots taken with him Xiaomi Mi 9. Before going to analyze each shot, however, it must be said that the photos were uploaded to a social network and, therefore, were subjected to a process of downgrade quality carried out by the social media itself to upload them online. But let's find out and analyze the shots taken by our new device:

The first photo we see our MI 9 make a macro on a bouquet of fake flowers: the light, the shadows and the colors seem to be caught by the sensors in an almost perfect way. The second photo is proposed to us a crab immersed in an aquarium where we can catch many details: from the bubbles in the upper left corner to the details of the crab itself. We conclude with the third photo that sees three beautiful dogs as protagonists, also here the photo, made with natural light, presents many details: from the rust of the railings to the beautiful hair of the three labradors. In our news channel Telegram today we have published a fourth shot, available at this link and photo without compression.

In short, if the rumors of a few weeks ago spoke to us of a photographic sector for the new Xiaomi MI 9 of all respect, today with these new photographic samples of the device we can already begin to have expectations of a certain level. Obviously for a review of the camera of MI 9 more detailed and truthful it will be necessary to have the smartphone in hand. But for now, how do you see these first shots?


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