Xiaomi MI 9 will have a dark mode that will use 83% less than battery

By now you do nothing but talk about the new Xiaomi MI 9. The presentation is set in just two days but lots of news on the Chinese company's flagship continue to leak out. A little while ago in the last article, we talked to you about how the company has decided to completely unravel the phone hardware and some new features. A few hours later we received more news, directly from Lei Jun, which on social media has announced that the new MI 9 will have a dark mode (theme with dark colors) that will allow the phone to save quite a bit of battery.

Xiaomi MI 9: Dark theme to preserve the battery and other news

La dark mode was announced by Lei Jun in the last hours through his profile Weibo. The functionality in question in addition to giving the phone a much more attractive design will also make the most of the features of the display AMOLED di Samsung. In truth the CEO di Xiaomi talked about how the new software Xiaomi MI 9 will allow the user to choose different colors for the graphic interface, focusing on the dark color that would allow us to save 83% more battery compared to other interfaces. Obviously, data provided by the company remain, which, in the event, will have to be confirmed by the user during the tests on the device, but surely, with this type of display, using darker colors can actually lead to good battery savings.

We remind you that Xiaomi MI 9 will see the next sales start February 20 in China and mount a battery from approx 3500 mAh. Already an excellent battery, which combined with this new dark interface could lead the device to reach really interesting autonomy times. But to know the real data we just have to wait to be lucky enough to try it as soon as possible. By now it lacks very little!


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