Xiaomi Mi 9 with fast charging from 27W receives 3C certification

After having spoken to you about the interesting news of a probable new smarpthone, from the alleged name Redmi X, now we want to give you another good news always on the smartphone front. It seems indeed that the company of Lei Jun he is working hard and has already laid the first bases for the new one Xiaomi Mi 9. This is because in the last hours the same company seems to have received the 3C certification for a new smartphone that seems to be just the new one flagship Family Mi.

Xiaomi mi 9 leak

Xiaomi Mi 9 will present the fast recharge from 27W?

The first rumors came after a certification was found on the Chinese certification website, registered by the Xiaomi, of a device with registration number M1902F1T / A, freshman very similar to that of his predecessor (which was the 8M1803E1T / A). Obviously the Chinese company has not yet confirmed everything, but if it should do so then the new one Xiaomi Mi 9 should have a very fast charging system, the MDY-08-ES charger, capable of reaching a power of 27W. Everything would also be in line with the latest rumors launched by Lei Jun which, in a recent interview, had confirmed that the new smartphone of the family Mi would have mounted a charging system much more efficient than its predecessor.

The latest rumors also tell us that the new one Xiaomi Mi 9 should mount a display from 6.2 inches surrounded by an elegant design and a notch drop, we had already talked about some of the renderings that appeared online this article a few days ago. For the processor the rumors speak of the Snapdragon 855, but we await further confirmation from the company. A month of January, that of Xiaomi, which is ready to close with many new features and many expectations for the various devices that are ready to be released and, others, that are ready to be unveiled. And what would you like in the new My 9?

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