Xiaomi MI 9 with thick chin only 3.6 mm will cost around 450 € in China

Now Xiaomi is ready for the February 20, the date on which the long-awaited presentation conference for the new one was organized Xiaomi MI 9, the flagship of the company that will have to compete with the big names in the sector. If in the past few days we have already had the opportunity to learn about some interesting features of the device, today there are important rumors about one of the most important aspects of the Chinese company's devices: the price.

Xiaomi MI 9 will cost around 450 € in China and will be the thinnest chin device on the market

The news we are reporting has started to run this morning. Obviously the source of everything could only be the Chinese social media Weibo which, again, seems to provide us with important news regarding this device. It seems, in fact, that the launch price for the new one MI 9 it will be around 3499 Chinese Yuan, so about 450€ at current exchange rate. A price that is far higher than its predecessor, the MI 8, which at the exit in China could be bought with approx 100€ in less. It will also be present another version of the device, with a transparent back, which will be sold in China at the price of 5999 Yuan (well 785€). Obviously the price increase is due to the great work done by Xiaomi on this device. Moreover, according to the poster released in the last hours, Xiaomi Mi 9 will also be the device with Chin (lower edge) thinner on the market

As you can see, the image is absolutely clear and explanatory. Some models of competitor devices on the market and the thickness of their chin are reported. The new MI 9 should beat the competition by having a lower edge often only 3.6mm.

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