Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition will have 4 cameras

If yesterday we have delighted you with i first samples of the triple camera back of the new and imminent MI 9, today we report an interesting news regarding it Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition. In fact apparently the enhanced version of the new MI 9 could mount a photographic compartment composed of well 4 sensors only for rear camera.


Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition will mount four photographic sensors

Two years ago it was time for most smartphone manufacturers to move from the now standard single-camera back to the double. After a stalemate where we saw so many phones, from the high end to the low end, mount a double camera, Xiaomi decided to switch to a triple camera on his new one MI 9. But it seems that the Chinese company wants to dare even more, in fact today some renderings have been shot that they would see Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition even fit a fourth sensor for the camera.

The photo in question presents the version to us Explorer Edition of the new MI 9 with a fourth sensor, compared to its normal version. It should be noted that here too there is a circle around the first sensor that makes one think of a LED used for notifications RGB. We remind you that the MI 9 features three sensors that will lead to a quality already admired by the first photographic samples seen yesterday, a fourth sensor would take this device to very high photographic levels.

Furthermore, some rumors require that the version of the Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition it will also mount a processor compatible with the newest one 5G technology, for ultra fast networks. An extra plus that makes this device even more to keep an eye on. Obviously the usual transparent design on the back will not be missing, which allows you to "see" into the phone hardware, a feature already appreciated on Mi 8 Explorer Edition. Finally, the price could reach 5999 yuan, which is more than 780 € to change.


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