Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer Edition with 8GB of RAM on sale tomorrow

Xiaomi, in the last period, it was involved with the presentation and production of the series My 9, in particular of the My 9 in standard version, SE e EE. A large fleet of devices that, originally, had to go and cover all customer requests. However, today, the same company has announced the start of sales of a new version of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition (or even call Transparent edition) with a different memory cut.

Mi 9 Explorer Edition: From today it will be possible to buy a new version with 8 GB of RAM

Lo Xiaomi Mi 9 EE had already been announced, during the presentation, in a variant that would have supported well 12 GB of RAM e 256 GB of internal memory, but already in the last few weeks a probable release of a version with a little less than was beginning to be rumored RAM but with the same storage space. Voices fed by the many requests of the Mi Fans that, loudly, on profiles Weibo of the founders and developers Xiaomi have requested the release of a version with the memory cut from 8 / 256 GB. The requests were answered because today, on your profile Weibo, Lei Jun announced the start of sales of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition version 8 / 256 GB.

xiaomi mi 9 explorer edition

The version of the device that will be sold tomorrow, online and in Chinese Mi Stores, will be the same version seen and revised of the Explorer Edition (the most powerful, with the transparent back cover) but only with an unpublished memory cut. The Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition in question will have an official price of 3,699 CNY, about 480€ at current exchange rate. Obviously the device, for now, will be sold only in the Chinese territory, even if it will surely come out on some import site for our continent. Product shipment will take place in three weeks. I wonder if the trust of the company given to Mi Fans it will repay with excellent sales.


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