Xiaomi Mi 9: outgoing a new variant from 8 / 256 GB

It is now since February that Xiaomi has presented its flagship, it Xiaomi Mi 9. During the presentation day, the company presented two versions to the public, one from 8 / 128 GB and one from 6 / 128 GB. Both versions have won many buyers and received excellent feedback. Over the months, however, the company has probably noticed that it has to give its users a more powerful version that could continue to make the throat on the market. For this reason Xiaomian, today, announced a new version with 256 GB of memory.

Xiaomi Mi 9: outgoing a new variant from 8 / 256 GB in China

The news, which arrived today, was communicated through Chinese social media Weibo and, for now, it seems to be a version intended exclusively for the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Mi 9 8 256 GB

The image posted on the Chinese social network leaves no doubt. Coming soon, on the Chinese markets, a new version of the My 9 that will have 8 GB of RAM memory and well 256 GB of internal memory. A new version that will differ, therefore, only for the internal memory, as, a version with 8 GB of RAM it was already available for launch. The price, for this new configuration, will be of 3299 yuan (About 418 €).

It is not really clear how much a version with more internal memory is really needed. Counting, however, that it Xiaomi Mi 9 does not allow memory expansion via SD card, then it could be a great buy for those 128 GB they are tight. The new version will probably be difficult to see officially in Italy. If interested, however, you can find the Chinese version very soon on the official Chinese retailers.

Xiaomi Mi 9 64GB is on offer at 307 euro!


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