Xiaomi Mi 9: Sky Replacement, MiMoji, 3D Gesture and much more

After the release of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 the company of Lei Jun it is also ready to update its flagship with all the new features introduced in the latest series of devices. According to what the company announced, through its official Chinese channels, it Xiaomi Mi 9 in the coming days you will receive a substantial update that will introduce the method of Sky Replacement, MiMoji and many other features still unpublished.

Xiaomi Mi 9: Sky Replacement, MiMoji and more

The announcement of the upcoming update was made by the company through the official channel of WeChat. An update, therefore, that will touch the Chinese devices first but then, surely, it will also be extended to the global versions. In total, the new update will introduce 9 new features within the device software. We already knew some of them within the Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e, others are totally new.

1- Panoramic selfie timer mode

Xiaomi Mi 9 panoramic selfie

The first feature is about selfies and is a mode that allows, through an algorithm, to capture panoramic selfie without having distorted edges. A great way to use if you want to take a group selfie.

2 - Always on Display Spiral Clock

Xiaomi Mi 9 AOD Spiral Clock

Lo Xiaomi Mi 9 it has a screen AMOLED and technology Always on Display which allows us to have part of the screen always active to show the time and some other little information. With the new update a new theme will be introduced for called Spiral Clock.

3 - 3D Gesture

Perhaps the most important innovation of this update is the introduction of 3D gestures. It is a gesture mode of which We already talked about it in a recent article. It will allow you to activate applications simply with phone movements. A feature that was expected for the MIUI 11 and, instead, the company decided to try the new gesture system already on My 9.

4 - MiMoji

Il My 9, with the new update, it can also support new home avatars Xiaomi: Mimoji. This feature comes directly from the Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e presented just a few weeks ago and developed together with Meitu. It will therefore be possible to create your own digital avatar and replace it at any time instead of a face detected by the augmented reality software installed in the camera.

5 - Sky Replacement

The fifth feature that will be introduced in a future update for the My 9 is that of the Sky Replacement. Also of this function we already talked about it in an article. It was introduced primarily on devices CC9 e CC9e and will allow you to change the sky in your photos by replacing it with some software preset backgrounds.

6 - Increase in frame rate

Another interesting novelty introduced by the new update concerns the frame rate of the device. It would seem, in fact, that the device after the update can go so far as to arrive well 60fps and will receive other graphic improvements for an unparalleled gaming experience.

7 - Android Q Beta

Android Q Beta 4

And here we are with the most awaited part of the update. We are talking about the introduction of Android Q Beta which will be provided in the next update package. Already a few days ago we talked about how the company was looking for beta testers. Probably the beta version, at this point, will be released to everyone in the coming weeks and not just to a lucky few.

In reality the company has also introduced other 2 features which, however, are intended only for Chinese devices. In fact, we talk about software for sorting and support for more cities than the software used by the Chinese to travel on buses. Leaving aside these last two features, the rest, we will probably be able to see even we Europeans on a forthcoming update of the Xiaomi Mi 9.


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