Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: the Benchmarks confirm that it will be the K20 Pro

At the end of May Redmi, which since the beginning of the year we remind you of being a real independent company from Xiaomi, presented its first Killer flagship series to the Chinese public: Il Redmi K20 and K20 Pro. The two devices, of course, have enjoyed enormous success in the mother country. A success that could not fail to reach us too. It was already rumored, in reality, that the two devices of Redmi could come under the brand Xiaomi from us but, today, we have the confirmation, through the first Benchmarks, that it Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro will be nothing but the K20 PRO!

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: the Benchmarks confirm that it will be the Redmi K20 Pro

Among the two devices presented last May a Beijing from Redmi, Redmi K20 PRO, is certainly the most awaited device in Europe. In fact, the version Pro, is the one that really aims to be a low-cost alternative to the top of the range. The main difference from the standard version, in fact, is the presence of the very powerful Snapdragon 855. But it was not the presence of the SD 855 in the benchamrk test to give us confirmation that it is the K20 PRO.

Xiaomi Mi 9T PRO

If you look closely at the image that shows the results of Benchmark you will immediately notice a fairly familiar code name: "Raphael". The code name is reported for the "Motherboard" field and indicates the device's motherboard. A code name that, for the most attentive, is the same one used by the Redmi to call the first prototypes of the Redmi K20 Pro. A small clue that officially confirms the rebrand of the killer flagships of Redmi for our continent.

Technical Sheet Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro

Finally, the Benchmark tests report a result of 3453 points in single core and 10363 points in multi-core. The operating system used by the device for the text is Android 9 and, finally, the version is from 8 GB of RAM memory. We remind you that, according to some rumors, there should be also a version with 12 GB of RAM.

At the moment Xiaomi, in his social teasers, he only talked about Xiaomi Mi 9T which will be officially presented next 12 June. For the sake of Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro we hope to see it along with its standard version on launch day.

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