Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: the launch is expected by the end of the year

After the incredible hype created by Redmi around the Redmi K20 e K20 Pro the company, surprisingly, decided to launch the K20 in Europe under the name of Xiaomi Mi 9T. The launch of the standard version has already happened a few days ago and now the most awaited device on our continent is it Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro which will be the global version of the Redmi K20 Pro, the true killer flagship of the company. Finally, after days of silence, we report some interesting rumors that you would see the device with Snapdragon 855 coming out in the coming months.

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: soon the launch in Europe of the global version of Redmi K20 Pro

Surely after having followed, day by day, the birth of Killer series di Redmi there was a moment of disappointment when the company decided to launch the global version of the device under another name and under another brand. The disappointment then grew when a presentation event was created for the Redmi K20 in Europe without giving any news about his Pro version, which is also the most awaited. Today, however, thanks to some rumors the hope of seeing the Pro version also for our market.

The rumors we report are even two. The first was launched from the site xda developers which, thanks to its own user, was able to find in the app's camera code MIUI a reference to the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. Indeed, it appears that in the application developed by Xiaomi the watermark of the is already present Pro version . I 9T. Symptom of how the company has already scheduled its production. It remains to be understood only when it is launched.

The watermark found in the app's source code for the camera

The second rumor gives us an idea about when we can have the pleasure of getting our hands on this device. According to the division's executive director Polish di Xiaomian, in fact, the Mi 9T PRO will be presented on the continent towards the end of the year. Excluding, therefore, an exit by the end of this summer.

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Surely the wait for this Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro it remains really high, certain that an exit at the end September could make the phone decidedly less appealing. In three months, in fact, the medium-top range will be enriched by many other devices with the same hardware as the device Xiaomi. Making the Pro version . I 9T not exactly a real best buy. In any case there is always the possibility to buy the Redmi K20 PRO from China at really cheap prices

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