Xiaomi Mi 9T will be the European version of Redmi K20

The new Redmi K20 has already been confirmed for India. To date, it is still not certain that it can arrive in other countries but, according to some recent rumors, it could arrive in Poland, and therefore in Europe, under a different name and a different company. Indeed, it seems that its European version could be it Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Xiaomi Mi 9T: According to some rumors it will be the European name of Redmi's K20 series

According to a Polish blog, Spiders web, Redmi K20 will debut in Poland under a different name and as a telephone of Xiaomi. The same blog also does not dwell only on this but also gives us the name that the device will have: It will be called Xiaomi Mi 9T e Mi 9T PRO the European version of the Redmi K20 PRO.

Unfortunately the blog does not provide us with any source of news but, to be reported also on the most important international portals, we think it is quite reliable. Moreover, according to the blog, the device will have a price very similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE. Definitely the change of brand in Europe, from Redmi a Xiaomi, will also mean a substantial increase in the price of the European version. We remind you that the first rumors about the price speak of a Redmi K20 PRO sold at a launch price of approx 300 €.

This name, I 9T, for the most attentive will not sound new. A few days ago, in fact, we told you how interesting certifications had been found attributable to this device. The certifications, mostly for the European territory, make us understand that the device in question will be released not only in Poland but, almost certainly, throughout our continent.

By now it lacks little to officially know the new one Redmi K20. A few days ago we had a major noise on the processor, that will be it Snapdragon 730. Probably, however, the company will not mention any European version at tomorrow's event. So to confirm this new Xiaomi Mi 9T we will have to wait a few more weeks.


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