Xiaomi Mi 9T will be launched in June: Will it be the European version of the K20?

On yesterday's day, Redmi has finally unveiled its first flagship stores, il Redmi K20 e K20 PRO, and his first official laptop, il RedmiBok 14. If for the computer we still cannot tell you if it will be sold or not in our continent, for smartphones, instead, it seems that it is already possible an immediate marketing also by us, but under the name of Xiaomi Mi 9T.

Xiaomi Mi 9T, a Russian blog announcing the release in June. Will it be the re-branded version of Redmi K20?

That the Redmi K20 e K20 PRO they were devices destined for the international market too it was quite obvious. Redmi presented some really good devices, real best buy both for the Chinese market but also for our market. Already a few days ago we launched the news of an interesting device Xiaomi which seemed to resemble in all respects the two devices already presented by Redmi. Today, through a Russian blog, we learn of a probable launch of the registered device Xiaomi as early as next month of June.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

The Redmi K20, which according to rumors will be called Xiaomi Mi 9T for the international market

The Russian blog, besides assuming a re-brand of the device, from Redmi a Xiaomi, has already launched some rumors regarding a probable price. Reading l'Articlein fact we talk about a price for it Xiaomi Mi 9T equal to Mi 9 SE and the Mi 9T PRO (that would be the K20 PRO with Snapdragon 855) priced at the same price as My 9. An indiscretion that, if confirmed, would bring the two devices Redmi to cost in Europe respectively 350 € in its standard version, e 480 € in PRO version. Prices far higher than those announced in China.

The news launched by the Russian blog, however, is not to be considered absolutely official. Definitely a launch of the K20 under the brand Xiaomi, on our continent, would lead to a natural price increase, but a price too inflated into Europe it would inevitably lead the device to compete with them My 9 e I 9 SE of Xiaomi.


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