Xiaomi Mi 9T: Official Teaser denies rumors about Redmi K20

The new smartphones of the series K di Redmi they were launched yesterday but all the curious are already talking. After their official presentation in China, most fans have started clamoring for a version for Europe. Just today we talked about how a Russian blog had announced his arrival already within the month of June under the name of Xiaomi Mi 9T. The company, however, a few hours ago with an official teaser seems to deny the latest rumors that they would see the K20 get in Europe under the company Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi 9T: An official teaser denies rumors about Redmi K20

The official denial of the company arrived a few hours ago through the official profile of twitter. The tweet does nothing but show a first teaser of a new device, without announcing anything.

The text, which accompanies the image, could be cryptic for many:

K, I or T ... Which letter would you choose for the new member of the Mi9 family? Why?

A message that, for those who have followed the latest rumors, is rather clear. It will indeed be the letter T, and it will be Xiaomi Mi 9T the new family member, as well as the latest certifications issued by the company confirm. So far nothing new, if not for the image. The image shows a back of the device that is completely different from that of the Redmi K20, with a rear camera not positioned in the center like the Redmi but on the left like the My 9. A detail that makes us understand that maybe, the Redmi K20, will not come in Europe as a new member of the family of My 9.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Furthermore, a further detail makes the matter even more interesting: the hashtag used at the end, #PopUpInStyle, makes us understand that the device will have a pop-up camerajust like the Redmi K20 presented yesterday. Here too, as well as the K20, there is no notch on the display.

In short, o Xiaomi he wanted to deflect us by proposing a teaser for the device that was not "definitive" or the company is really ready to launch a completely new device on the market. Surely the next few weeks will be able to tell us more, and to clarify ourselves on these two devices.


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