Xiaomi Mi A3: Official Teaser, First render and first technical specifications

In recent weeks we have reported the news of how Xiaomi Mi A3 e A3 Lite they were at the center of voices that wanted them like the European version of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e. Then, a few days ago, we reported the first official reports regarding the processor for the two smartphones with Android One, today, instead, there are succulent news and a first official teaser of the company.

Xiaomi Mi A3: Official Teaser, first render and first technical specifications

Since the launch of the Xiaomi Mi A2 it's been a little over a year. The time has come, therefore, for Xiaomi to give us a new device for the series Mi A. After the latest news about the We are A3 e A3 Lite, an imminent presentation was in the air. A feeling that was confirmed yesterday by Xiaomi which released the first official smartphone teaser.

Xiaomi Mi A3 and A3 Lite teaser

The announcement is very clear. "The device with Android One best selling is coming back ". There is no reference to the Xiaomi Mi A3 but, the phrase is very clear and therefore the teaser officially anticipates an imminent presentation which, at this point, could be held within the month of July.

First device renderings and first technical specifications

The teaser officially started the countdown. Some talk of a really imminent launch, within the next week, others instead believe in a launch that will take place at the turn of July e August. In the meantime, however, we can already begin to anticipate the design and some technical specifications of the We are A3. It seems, in fact, that the first official renderings of the device and some hardware parts have been found online in the last few hours.

The two photos, in reality, do not show us anything new. In fact the device, in design, will be practically the same as Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e. It is interesting, however, to see how, on We are A3, the much loved one returns audio jack from 3.5 mm which, in the last edition, was eliminated receiving many criticisms. Like the series Xiaomi CC, also the We are A3 e A3 Lite they should come in three colors: Blue, black and white.

As for the technical specifications, a German portal would seem to have launched the first official: a display will be present from 6 inches with resolution 1080 x 2240 Super AMOLED with in-display fingerprint sensor, a front camera from well 32 Megapixel and a rear camera made up of 3 sensors 48 MP + 8MP + 2 MP. In short, the same arrangement found on CC9 apart from the processor which should be slightly more powerful than the Chinese version, but we have already discussed this in this article.

Finally here we are. In the coming weeks, if not days, we will have the opportunity to see the global version of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e under the name of Xiaomi Mi A3 e A3 Lite. According to the first rumors the price, being a device with Android One, it will be very small indeed. We just have to wait for further officiality from the company.


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