Xiaomi Mi Band 1S available now in advance

Satisfied with the old Xiaomi Mi Band? Then you can't miss the brand new Xiaomi Mi Band 1S.

As you know, Xiaomi has recently launched the successor of the aforementioned bracelet, or the new Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, the bracelet with aunbeatable autonomy which does not lack any function and with a truly affordable price. Only a few euros more than the previous model.

Xiaomi Mi-band-1S

With 19 euro, in fact, it is possible to buy the new Xiaomi device which, compared to its predecessor, boasts a unique new feature: the heart rate monitor. The rest of the features, however, are not far behind, in fact this bracelet - thanks to the dedicated application and Bluetooth 4.0 - can interface with any Android device and notify a lot of information about the user who wears it directly on the smartphone. The app will show in detail the steps taken daily, will automatically count the hours of sleep made during the night, the graph of our heartbeats, etc.

The device has a fairly small size, protected by a rubber bracelet that we can change according to our tastes. Also, for those who don't know, it has no display and for this reason it can manage several weeks of autonomy (up to a month!), based on the use made of it.

There are also functions such as alarm clock, application notifications, calls in progress, etc., all notified thanks to the vibration and the three LEDs on the surface of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S. It is waterproof, IP67 certified, has just a weight 14 grams and interfaces with operating systems ranging from Android 4.4 and iOS 7 to subsequent versions.

It is currently available in presale on Everbuying at 19 euro until the end of the month with free shipping costs; at the end of the presale the deliveries will begin. | Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

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