Xiaomi Mi Band 2 available on offer at 19 Euro [Update 14 / 03]

The new Xiaomi smartband, that is Xiaomi Mi Band 2, has finally arrived and is now available in presale to just about 30 Euros (now 19€ - link always updated at the end of the article); higher price than the predecessor but for obvious reasons that we will now see.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 OLED

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Features

If you remember well, Xiaomi Mi Band 1S - now a 11€ - it was a smartband similar to the first model but with the novelty of the heart rate monitor, so without a display but with some LEDs and vibration to signal notifications.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2instead, it brings with it a whole new style, completely renewed thanks to a small one OLED display, from 0.42 inches; absent on previous models. The display capsule, like the predecessor capsules, can be removed from the rubber cuff. Finally, it can be activated simply by rotating the arm (as shown in the video) or using the appropriate button; the display will show the steps, the time and there will be the possibility to manage the calls.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is equipped with IP67 certification and second generation Bluetooth 4.0 to interface with Android devices. There continues to be a heartbeat sensor, now with photoplethysmograph and of course there is no lack of pedometer and sleep monitor functions. Finally Xiaomi Mi Band 2 mounts a battery of 70 mAh for a total duration of around 20 days in standby; the total weight is just 7 grams.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 IP67

To purchase the Xiaomi smartband, use the following coupon and link, always updated at the lowest price. 😉

Update 14 / 03 - Price 19.13€
To buy Xiaomi Mi Band 2 click here

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