Xiaomi Mi Band 4: Launch scheduled for 11 June

Thanks to the fitness tracker series We Band, Xiaomi it has managed more easily to create an excellent name outside the motherland. Now, the company is preparing to officially launch its new one Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The announcement, which was made today, already gives us a launch date set for the next one 11 June.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: The Launch is scheduled for 11 June

In the past few days the company of Lei Jun had announced this new event in China for the next month of June. The first rumors, however, spoke of an event dedicated to the launch of some smart products and new versions of We TV. Today, however, the same company, plot your profile Weibo, officially announced the launch of Mi Band 4 during the event. The launch was made through the following poster.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

In the poster you can see how in the foreground we have the now very famous design of the fitness tracker of Xiaomi. Also this year, in fact, the design of the We Band it shouldn't change much in features. The new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 had already been announced, but not officially, by some real photos of the product that were released a few weeks ago.

For now, the company has leaked only a few rumors about the news it will introduce Mi Band 4. One of them is obviously the color screen, also confirmed by the photo of the poster. On the rest, according to the rumors, the new fitness tracker should mount an even bigger battery that, perhaps, could bring the autonomy of the device to exceed 20 days. As for the price, strong point of the previous Mi Band, it would seem that the company does not want to give up the price range. So a color screen should not lead to an increase in the launch price, or at least we hope.

Xiaomi has always produced excellent devices for its fitness tracker series and now, finally, next Tuesday we will be lucky enough to get to know the new one Xiaomi Mi Band 4 which, we hope, will be available immediately in China. For our continent, on the other hand, the wait should not be too long. In any case, the next few days will certainly be full of advances!


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