Xiaomi Mi Band 4: New images leaked. Imminent launch?

Let's go back to talking about Xiaomi and its famous fitness Tracker. Today, in fact, there seem to be brand new releases for the photo Xiaomi Mi Band 4 that, at this point, we think it can be really close to the official launch.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4: New images found on the net and probable imminent launch

That it is one of the most anticipated fitness trackers of the year is also confirmed by the fact that the sales of its latest version, the third, still seem to record some excellent numbers. Precisely for this reason we thought we were starting to talk about the fourth version of the We Band only after the summer, or at least in the warmer months. Instead, after i first renderings and the first photos that have formalized a color screen, today there are brand new real images of the product.

The images that are running on the net are four and, unlike the last ones found, they are real images of the smartband and not render. First of all there are two photos that confirm the new color screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 which, at this point, will be the first fitness tracker in the company to have this technology. For the rest, the front of the bracelet seems to be almost the same size. Another detail is the only "button" present on the device that, even in the fourth version, would seem to be touch and decidedly smaller than the previous versions.

The back looks completely the same as that of the Mi Band 3, with the same sensors for detecting the heartbeat. We take for granted, however, that the company has worked to improve the detection of the heartbeat and, perhaps, in speeding it up. For the rest we expect to see support on the new version NFC as anticipated by the first certifications received by the product.

In short, the new one Xiaomi Mi Band 4 does not seem to have large differences in aesthetics compared to its previous versions. Surely the color screen will be a great addition. We hope that the company, at this point, let us know something official already within the month of June.

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