Xiaomi Mi CC9: Confirmed selfie camera from 32 MP and back from 48MP

The next July 2, Xiaomi e Meitu will present their first two devices in the series Xiaomi CC: Lo Xiaomi Mi CC9 e CC9e. As usual, Xiaomi also for this series of devices, he decided to delight us - for each day that brings us closer to the presentation event - with a novelty regarding the devices. Today, more than new, we have confirmations regarding the photographic sector of the devices.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: Confirmed the selfie camera from 32 MP and the rear camera from 48 MP

The advertising campaign for the new devices of the CC series, coming up next week, it's finally started. On Weibo, in fact, today two posts have been published, which have revealed the first news regarding this new series of smartphones. The first post is about selfie-camera that will be from 32 Megapixel and, the second post, also confirmed the rumors for the rear camera, which will be from 48 Megapixel with sensor Sony.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 announce

The announcement of the selfie camera on the new CC series could not but be done with a selfie. Just the selfies seem to be the most important feature of this series. In fact, since its announcement, all the images proposed by the two companies were selfies, a sign of how smartphones were designed for this purpose. Together with the photo, the two companies have also added how the selfie of the post has also been processed by some filters that have improved the subject's skin and colors.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 announce post camera

The second post, instead, has as its subject a seascape that was shot with the rear camera. A photographic sample that confirms the asset of three sensors for the rear camera, with the main one from 48 Megapixel of Sony. Another novelty, however, seems to be the type of technology used by the camera. The first post, in fact, sees two photos compare, one in the normal version and the other with a zoom. The quality of the zoomed photo is amazing, it would seem not to lose any quality compared to the normal photo.

The first novelty: Selfies "without hands"

The new day was concluded with the first feature revealed by Meitu. Second the post, in fact, with the new devices of the CC series it will be possible capture selfies without using your hands. In the post, moreover, we see in the selfies all women are represented, another clue that confirms that this series of smartphones is dedicated above all to the female public.

In all the announcements of today, however, the name of the device that will support them has never been mentioned. We obviously assume that it is Xiaomi Mi CC9 and not its "cheap" version, the I CC9e, or maybe both versions. For the confirmations of the case, however, it will be necessary to wait a few more days.


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