Xiaomi Mi CC9 Mi CC9e could arrive in Europe as Xiaomi Mi A3 and Mi A3 Lite!

Only a few hours left until the official presentation of the Xiaomi Mi CC9. The new device, the result of collaboration between Xiaomi e Meitu, became in a few weeks one of the most talked about devices in China. As far as its probable global version is concerned, we report an interesting corridor item that you would like the I CC9, and its variants, arrive in Europe under the name of Xiaomi Mi A3.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 could arrive in Europe as Xiaomi Mi A3

The excellent media impact that this new series of smartphones has had has obviously intrigued even the European public. A probable global version of the devices, only a few weeks ago, seemed to us rather difficult. This is because smartphones were the fruit of a collaboration with a company, Meitu, which is known only within Asian countries. Today, however, some information portals have reported an interesting news that would see the series Xiaomi CC get in Europe under the well-known series Xiaomi Mi A3.

The images you can see are the results of AIDA64, a diagnostic application that shows us all the features of the new hardware Xiaomi Mi CC9e. Browsing through the data could not miss the name of the device model: "laurel_sprout". Nothing incredible if it weren't for the words "sprout”Which is assigned only to devices with Android One. And it is here that many people have started the idea, not so remote now, that the series Xiaomi CC can come to us as a series device Xiaomi Mi A3. In particular the I CC9 it might be the We are A3 and I CC9e il Mi A3 Lite. An argument that would also be in line with the statements of the company that had pre-announced that a series device We are A3 would have supported Android One.

Furthermore, a small confirmation regarding the processor of the "e" version of I CC9. In fact, if yesterday we launched the rumor of a possible Snapdragon 665 to run the device, today we have the confirmation. Rereading the images well, in fact, you can easily see how the processor will be just the 665, which at this point will make its debut on a mobile device with just Xiaomi.

Latest rumors that raise the expectation to us that, at this point, today we will not see the presentation of Xiaomi Mi CC9, but that of the neighbor Xiaomi Mi A3 e A3 Lite. Obviously we can only confirm this in the post launch weeks in China.

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