Xiaomi Mi CC9: MiMoji and Sky Replacement three new features

Now only a few days are left until the presentation of the series Xiaomi CC, the new series of smartphones born from the collaboration between Xiaomi e Meitu. We know many details of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 and its other versions. Every day, in fact, the two companies have accustomed us to official information about some devices. Today, as expected, some interesting features of the camera have been revealed that the devices of the series will support.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: MiMoji and Sky Replacement among the new features of the camera

Undoubtedly the strength of these new smartphones will be the camera software. Thanks to the collaboration with the small photography company, Xiaomi is ready to present a product that will not bring any novelty in terms of hardware but will introduce novelties in terms of software. In the past few days, the two companies have given us a taste of software of the selfie-camera that can be shot even in conditions of total darkness. Today, however, two really interesting features have been presented. The first concerns the support to MiMoji and the second, it would seem, the addition of the function of Sky Replacement.

I MiMoji they are nothing more than a small avatar that you can create and replace, through augmented reality technology, instead of your face. Obviously this function is absolutely not a novelty in the smartphone environment because Apple has introduced such technology in its devices for some years now. Surely the addition will please young audiences who are the most used to using this type of function. In the official photos released by the company we find MiMoji both during a selfie but also during a normal shot with the rear camera. In any case, your avatar will appear instead of the face that the camera software will reveal in real-time.

The second feature announced, is the function of Sky Replacement. This last function had already been found in some videos on the net. The function in question does nothing more than give the user the possibility to change the sky present in the shot. The user will only have to select a new sky from those offered by the function and, automatically, the software will replace the background sky. In the example photos, in fact, we can see how radically only the sky changes in each photo, leaving the other details of the image intact.

These two new features are added to many other features for the camera of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 which will be presented in the coming days. The July 2 now it's coming and we can't wait to tell you about this new series of devices!

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