Xiaomi Mi CC9: Probable TEENA certification shows the smartphone

Let's talk about the Xiaomi Mi 9CC, it seems that the mysterious device of the company, in the last hours, has received one TEENA certification. The news has not yet been confirmed, but some international sites are reporting a certification of a device with model code M1904F3BC. Model that, according to many, could be just the number of the new CC9.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: Probable TEENA certification shows the back cover

TEENA is a certification body for the Chinese territory, therefore all the devices Xiaomi they pass by here before being announced. A process, therefore, that could also be started for this very mysterious device of which we already talked about in a previous article. The certification that was found on the site, in addition to reporting the model number that would appear to be that of CC9, also shows the first images of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi CC9

As usual, the TEENA certification gives us only two images that show us the face of the device and the back. The front part of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 no new features. The design we find is the same as many of the company's devices that we have already seen at the beginning of the year: a very large display and a drop-shaped notch that contains a sensor for the front camera that, according to rumors, should be from 32 Megapixel.

Very interesting, however, the back of the device. The trim is similar to the My 9, with the three camera sensors moved to the left. A detail, however, announces a novelty. Below the rear camera, in fact, we find an inscription: "48 MP AI Camera". This writing announces us both that a sensor, probably the main one, will be from 48 Megapixel and that, moreover, it will be equipped with a software for artificial intelligence.

For the rest the back cover of the device doesn't tell us anything anymore. The fingerprint sensor is not present because, in the standard version, it should be installed under the AMOLED display. For the Mi CC9e version, the cheap one so to speak, instead there should be a sensor for fingerprint recognition on the back cover.

We remind you that this Xiaomi Mi CC9 still remains a rather mysterious device. The unusual name and, above all, the fact that it has never been minimally mentioned by anyone until a few days ago make us think of a device that was not designed to shake up the market. Furthermore it is very likely that the device never sees a global version or, perhaps, not under this name.


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