Xiaomi Mi CC9e arrives on GeekBench: it could have the Snapdragon 665

By now we're here tomorrow Xiaomi e Meitu will finally present their first devices. But just on the eve of the presentation, it is Xiaomi Mi CC9e seems to have been found on GeekBench. The well-known Benchmark site, in addition to giving us a first test of the device's performance, could anticipate a news regarding the processor.

Xiaomi Mi CC9e arrives on GeekBench: the smartphone could have Snapdragon 665

There is a lot of waiting for new devices coming out tomorrow. In fact, in the last few days, the two companies have delighted us with some advances on the photographic features that the devices should have. For now, unless there are surprises, three versions should be presented tomorrow. The "lite" version, that is the CC9e, just today was found on the well-known site GeekBench.

Xiaomi Mi CC9e

The image shows us the much talked about benchmark tests that we can find on the site. Reading the specifications we only have a preview regarding the configuration of the RAM which, in this test, is of well 6 GB. The results and above all the frequency of the processor have not gone unnoticed. Some users, in fact, have pointed out how the benchmark results are too low and the frequency of 1.80 Ghz of the processor are not attributable to one Snapdragon 710, which was what was supposed to be present in the device according to the rumors.

So, at this point, it Xiaomi Mi CC9e which processor will it have? Certainly we will have a definitive answer tomorrow during the conference, but someone has already thought of a possible solution. According to many, in fact, the I CC9e could be the first device to support it Snapdragon 665. The 665, in fact, was presented by Qualcomm only at the end of April and, even today, it has not been installed on any mobile device. This is why we cannot have a real confirmation of this, as there are no device benchamrk tests with this processor.

Xiaomi, already with it Snapdragon 710 and 855, was the first company to mount a particular processor Qualcomm in your device, probably the story will repeat itself even with it Snapdragon 665. Surely tomorrow's conference will lift us from many doubts but, above all, it will give us this new and very interesting series of smartphones!


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