Xiaomi Mi CC9e: First promotional video and first render of the device

Let's talk about the series again Xiaomi CC. After the official announcement of the series, made 2 days ago, Xiaomi has disclosed some interesting advances on the device on the net. Let's talk about a small promotional video that takes the backstage of yesterday's promotional selfies. Moreover, together with the video, the first official render of the Xiaomi Mi CC9e.

Xiaomi Mi CC9e: First promotional video and first official render of the device

Yesterday, together with the official announcement of the new smartphone series, we were offered the first promotional selfies that portrayed the very young Gavin Thomas. Today, the same companies have released on Weibo a promotional video that traces precisely the shots taken by the young star. A video that, of course, is nothing but an advertisement to show us, officially, this new series of smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi CC9e promo video

In the video we find some really interesting frames in which we have the opportunity to glimpse the appearance of the device. We have no official note on which of the two devices, the CC9 or CC9e, the young man Gavin have in hand, but we presume to be the standard version and, therefore, the most performing.

As regards the Xiaomi Mi CC9e, a few hours after the promo video was released, the first "cheap" version of the device appeared to be released.

The render, if confirmed, shows a device that in design will be practically the same as My 9. The shapes and dimensions, in fact, seem the same as the flagship of Xiaomi and the notch seems to be practically the same. As for the back cover, instead, we find a small difference from the My 9 which consists of a small vertical writing placed under the rear camera setup.

Finally, comparing this render of the CC9e and a few frames of the promotional video we don't see many differences. At this point or the cheap version of the series Xiaomi CC it will not vary in design but only in hardware, or the version used in the video is just that cheap and, therefore, the standard version could have a completely different and innovative design. Maybe a design with triple flip camera?


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